I’ve got a prospect! Now what?

Use my “Be the Doctor” method of effectively communicating and truly helping!

formsFIRSTWhen you go to the doctor’s office, what’s the first thing you do? You fill out a form with your medical history!

So something you can do before you even talk to someone is to create a simple form (see an example here) that they can fill out that asks the most basic questions so that when you’re ready to talk to them you already have something to go by!  

This can be done with Google forms like my example, or even just by copying and pasting into an email or message from a saved text file.


doctorNEXT – When you go to the doctor’s office, the doctor or nurse asks you a ton of questions to help learn about you, build trust, and diagnose your problems!

ASK lots of questions BEFORE you ever bring up a solution!

– What do you do for a living?  What are your hours at your job? (time objection gone, they will tell you how much free time they have)


– Do you bring your lunch to work or do you buy something out? (cost objection gone)


– How’s your nutrition? Take me through an average day from breakfast to dinner (cost objection gone, they will mention something that is less nutritious and costs more than a $4 Shakeology)


– What are your goals?  Be specific, are you looking to lose a certain amount of weight? Body fat? Gain muscle? (helping you figure out which program to get them on)

The more questions you ask and the more specific detailed answers you get back, the better you can then PRESCRIBE A SOLUTION!



salesyIf you feel “salesy” it means you haven’t asked enough questions and you honestly feel like you’re selling them something instead of solving their problems!

If you ask enough questions, build rapport and learn what they actually need, you’re prescribing a solution to the problems they’ve told you about! You’re HELPING THEM!






shakehands“Well, based on what you’ve told me, we’re going to get you started with (whatever challenge pack) because you said (the reasons why they need it).  It will come with our $4 daily dose of dense nutrition Shakeology meal that will replace (one of the meals they mentioned that costs more than Shakeology and is less nutritious) and you’ll get a LOT more nutrition while also saving you money!  Make sense?”  (Always end with “make sense”? because it always makes sense, so that’s an easy YES!)


If they still ask about Shakeology’s cost:

“Since Shakeology is a $4 daily meal and it comes in a month’s supply, it’s usually about $140 with shipping and tax, but we are going to use the same 25% coach discount that I got started with, so altogether your challenge pack is only going to be (cost of the challenge pack).  Sounds great, right? Are you in front of a computer? Let’s get you going! Here’s my URL – (see HOW TO ORDER)”

We also have a total breakdown of monthly costs HERE if they need that.


Beyond that simply think of my “Be the doctor” metaphor when dealing with unexpected replies!  Post any tricky replies to the Rainmaker Facebook wall and we will help you!