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Someone posted the question “Why do you workout?” and I found myself immediately typing “So I live longer than my parents did.” and it really hit home with me.

While it’s fun to see growing muscles and defined abs and have a rocking core and lift heavy….I’m in this so I can beat my own statistics. I’m in this so at 37 years old I’m not already over the hill for my life expectancy, so I can have more than 18 years left to live.
If I weren’t a Beachbody coach, I wouldn’t simply still be working in a cubicle hating life and wondering what went wrong, I’d be someone who, if I had a child tomorrow (which I’m nowhere near to doing), I’d barely survive their high school graduation!

Many people get into this as a lark, a hobby, something they can quit in a week or a month if it didn’t easy, if they don’t see fast huge results. That’s not me.

I was never a hobby coach. Oh, it took me 2 years before I started growing the business, but my passion and commitment to Beachbody itself and the products was there from day 1. I knew on day 1 that somehow, whatever it took (and it wasn’t easy when I started financially), I was Beachbody for life. End of story. Not because it was popular or fun, but because I literally would have no life otherwise.

Now who knows right, anything could’ve happened, but why play those odds? I was already 268 lbs, on blood pressure, cholesterol (since 6th grade), and acid reflux meds. My future wasn’t looking hopeful.

I didn’t have stars in my eyes. I never imagined that I would be paying all my bills with this simply by caring enough to share this with others and love on them and believe in them and help them see their value and worth. That had always been in me, but I had never had an outlet for it before, and certainly nothing that would pay me more than any job I’d ever had (even with a masters degree in computers).

I also never imagined, especially after losing my parents, that I would gain the closest friends of my life, essentially growing my family in so many ways. I’m an only child, but now I have so many sisters in the amazing women on my Crew and Rainmaker team and elsewhere in Beachbody, so many true brothers ready to lift me up or call me on my accountability, so many I look up to and admire and now pattern my own goals and dreams after.

So yeah, I count myself blessed. I truly went from paying a couple hundred bucks (or less, I forget) to survive, to now truly living, more than I ever have before. I’m learning and growing myself everyday, I’m creating new relationships with incredible people, some that hopefully will grow to even more, and best of all I’m helping others do the same. I’m paying my blessings forward. I’m doing God’s work, and He is rewarding me by allowing this to be my career as well as my life.

So now, instead of counting my days by how long I have, I count them in terms of my next amazing trip, my next chance to see my friends, my next date with someone special. Who can ask for anything more than that?

– John Hays, Founder of The Rainmakers