Creating Your Avatar


Some of the most common issues coaches have are, “I don’t know what to post”, “I’m not attracting the right people”, or “How do I attract people like me?”

Creating your avatar using the process below solves all of these issues and many more!

This will give you an extremely detailed description of who you’re looking for, what interests and motivates them, and what to post and talk about so that they will be drawn to you and want to work with you.

Avatar Questionnaire

*Answer these questions thinking about someone who you prefer to work with

  1. Where do they work?  Do they work?  What’s their position at their job?
  2. What is their family composition?  Married?  Single?  Parent?
  3. What books do they (and ONLY they) read?
  4. What magazines do they (and ONLY they) read?
  5. What are their favorite hobbies?
  6. What websites/blogs do they (and ONLY they) visit?
  7. What clubs/associations/societies do they belong to?
  8. What brands/products/services do they use regularly?
  9. Where do they socialize?

*Now answer these questions thinking about someone you can’t stand so you know what to exlude


 Company Avatar:

Men or Women 25-44

US, Canada, UK

Yearly Income 30-50K



What you THINK is targeted:

Married Mother of 2

Corporate Exec who loves hard work!

Favorite Color is Purple

Likes Starbucks & Dancing

Loves Yellow Labradors

Loves Traveling

Works hard for her goals

Needs More Money

Self Starter into fitness & nutrition already!

Actual SPECIFIC Avatar:

Women 25-37

Night Shift Nurse who is EXHAUSTED

but loves helping people heal

Back living with parents but is

desperate to live on her own again

single mom from an abusive past

seeking to stop that cycle for her own children

Thinks calories are calories

and starving is the only way to lose weight

When answering questions, you have to go further and deeper to get at what’s real.  They love hard work?  WHY?  They like to travel?  Where do they like to go?  The deeper answers below the surface are where the truth is and where the real people are, and that’s how you’re going to really reach them and touch their lives and draw your tribe.

Avatar Board

Once you have answered the questions, you will want to create an avatar board breaking down your target/avatar.  You want to create this board and save it to your computer so that on days when you can’t figure out what to post on social media, this board will give you ideas, not only on WHAT to post about, but HOW to post it –

For example, if you love photography and you love pizza and you’re a funny person, do a funny photo of pizza.  By combining the Likes with the Qualities, you’ll hit SPECIFIC types of people who will be drawn to you!

You’ll also want a more in depth descriptive write-up for the times when you want deeper, more moving posts.  Just one more great way to help you know how to reach people, what to say, remember who you’re speaking to and how YOU can HELP THEM!