When you first start as a coach, these are the fees you will see each month and WHY.  The goal is to help you and your coaches find 3-4 people (we ALL know many more than that) who need to get healthy & fit so that these fees are more than paid for asap!

Please note each of these do not include tax or shipping:


$97.46 (plus tax) – Shakeology for 25% off (Normally without the discount it’s around $129.95 plus tax, about $4 per meal, a great value either way)


$15.95 – Coach fee (plus tax) (This covers your 25% discount, your coach websites, customer service, product supply, etc)

stock customersupport


Quarterly vs All Access

4 times a year you’ll see the Club fee that includes the amazing Beachbody On Demand Streaming Service (or once a year with all access):

ondemand2 Fixate

$38.87 (plus tax) – Club Fee (This covers the FULL use of the TeamBeachbody.com website including a customized meal planner and grocery list, message boards, live trainer chats, and EXCLUSIVE access to:

Beachbody On Demand – streaming access to over 25 amazing Beachbody Fitness Programs including P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity, TurboFire, and many more AS WELL AS exclusive workouts ONLY available to Beachbody On Demand users with new ones appearing regularly!  PLUS the ALL NEW Fixate TV Show featuring weekly recipes cooked for you like the Food Network!  A HUGE value!

ondemand3 sagi



All Access

With the upgrade option of All Access, you not only get Beachbody On Demand, you get COMPLETE access to ALL Beachbody fitness programs ever created…or that will ever BE created!  Plus, it’s only ONE yearly payment of $99!


So, while you would normally pay around $139 each month for Shakeology alone as a customer, you will pay around $117 as a coach and enjoy TONS of other benefits including being part of our Rainmaker team with all of our support, and 4 times a year you’ll see that $39 club fee (or the once yearly $99!), the incredible value of which I’ve mentioned above.  Plus, once we help you find 3-4 people, you’ll earn enough to more than cover that!